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Ethereum is a digital currency that has been talked about a lot. It is indeed one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It is a decentralized currency, which means that its control or management is not entrusted to a governing body, but rather managed by a multitude of people who form the blockchain. Which means that this is a system where the data is encrypted in blocks of squares. Today, this currency is used by most casinos. The question that emerges here is that of knowing how Ethereum casinos work, but also what is Ethereum Casinos?

The Ethereum Casinos is a form of Casino that uses Ethereum as a payment method. This method of transaction is very safe because no information about the users is revealed. Players therefore benefit from anonymity during their transactions, even the platform on which they are located cannot trace them. In summary, the Ethereum Casinos is a payment method used by betting structures that takes into account Ethereum.

Players through their crypto account can make Ethereum deposits on the casino platform or conversely receive their winnings in Ethereum, all this via their crypto account. Players can exchange their cryptos for cash or keep this currency as an asset, an asset that could increase in value over time. The use of this payment method has advantages, but also disadvantages.

As for the advantages we can mention: The fact that the transfer fees are low and the transactions are faster.

Speaking of the disadvantages we can say that it basically boils down to the fact that it is a relatively less popular form of payment than other forms of payment. Find out more details when it comes to Ethereum casinos.

How to play at the casino to win real money with Ethereum?

With the evolution of payment methods, it is possible today to play and earn Ethereum online. However, there are differences with the game of traditional casinos that it is essential to understand well.

Here, we are talking about the platforms that accept Ethereum as a means of payment. Indeed, in these casinos, players can make their transactions in Ether. This adoption results from the fact that ETH is a currency that allows players to make their transactions in a secure and fast way. However, the question that arises here is how to play at the casino and win real money with Ethereum.

The first thing before you can make money with Ethereum at an online casino is to get digital currencies. To do this, you need to go to the platforms for buying cryptocurrencies. It would be necessary to verify beforehand that this cryptocurrency is recognized as a means of payment in your casino.

After making the purchase of Ethers, you will deposit them at the casino of your choice so that your player account is funded. Then you will just have to make your bet in this currency. In the event that you record winnings during your gaming activity, it is possible to recover your due by the same means. To do this, you must make a withdrawal request indicating Ethereum as the means of withdrawal.

The casino will pay your winnings in cryptocurrency on the address of your crypto wallet and you will have to go to a cryptocurrency exchange platform to be able to change them into Fiat money. Noted that it would be necessary to pay some attention to the choice of Ethereum casinos in order not to face embarrassing situations.

As we mentioned above, before making your first Ethereum transactions, you should check that it does not come in opposition to the law of your region. But beyond all this, the main risk to be run is that of registering on an unreliable casino which could in the end not give you your winnings in case of victory. So it would be very important to do some research before committing to an online casino.

Best Ethereum casino bonuses

Digital currencies in this case Ethereum is unavoidable today, to the point where online casinos have adopted it as a means of payment. Some casinos offer Ethereum as a deposit method with more or less interesting offers. Ether is the second most important crypto in the world after Bitcoin. This digital currency is likely to increase in value over time. His choice is justified by many parameters. Indeed, it allows transactions to be carried out quickly and securely. But the benefits that its use provides do not end there. One of the specificities of Ethereum casinos is that they offer very interesting bonuses for players. These bonuses vary depending on the bet and the casino on which you choose. We list you some Ethereum casinos and the bonuses offered respectively.

  • Cloudbet allows you to get a 100% deposit bonus%
  • mBit casino offers you exclusively up to 150% + 100 free spins
  • CoinGames, for your welcome, offers you up to 150% deposit bonus
  • BetOnline.Ag 100% up to $1000 in casino bonuses
  • BOVADA is 100% up to $1000
  • Ignition CASINO is a 150% casino bonus, up to $1500
  • My BOOKIE 150% Bonus up to $750
  • BET US Here get a deposit bonus of 200%
  • MYB CASINO 200% Deposit bonus up to $1000
  • Café Casino is a 350% welcome bonus up to $3,500

We have mentioned here some casinos offering the best bonuses, but you are probably wondering how to make a choice with such a large number of casinos.

When it comes to gambling, the strategy of casinos to attract players is to offer good bonuses. But it is absolutely necessary to take into account the conditions, limits and requirements that accompany these bonuses.

Best Ethereum Casino Games

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Details of the Ethereum payment system

Ethereum is a virtual platform that adopts the decentralized exchange protocol set up by Bitcoin, while developing its use for several other applications.

As with other cryptocurrencies, Ether uses a distributed database that records all transactions made with Ether. It is accessible to everyone, completely transparent and very difficult to modify retroactively. Ether is created through the mining process. Miners are responsible for verifying transactions to form blocks and securing them cryptographically by solving complex algorithms. The complexity of these algorithms can be adjusted in order to keep the block processing time approximately constant: approximately every 14 seconds.

The new blocks are linked to the existing block chain, and the miner receives a reward, that is to say a determined number of cryptocurrencies. This amount of the number of mined cryptocurrency. For Ether, the reward amounts to 5 units that could decrease if the value of the cryptocurrency increases.

Here is a step-by-step representation of the compensation process

  • The miners gather all the recent transactions on the cryptocurrency in a block.
  • The block is secured crypto graphically and linked to other already existing block chains.
  • The miners receive a reward that they can reinject directly into the market.

Fees and commission applicable to Ethereum

Ethereum transaction fees (also known as gas fees) represent the cost necessary for the network to be operational and the transactions carried out. All Ethereum transactions have fees, which must be paid in "gas", a small amount of ETH.

The fees are set by the miners in relation to the current supply and demand. Indeed, the cost of Ethereum gas depends on several factors, including :

  • The current demand for gas ;
  • The demand for computing power for the processing of smart contracts ;
  • The total number of transactions ;
  • The size of the smart contract you want to execute.

Each Ethereum transaction requires the payment of a commission paid to the miners who are in charge of validating the transactions. The amount of the commission depends on two factors: firstly, it depends on the complexity of the transaction to be carried out. For a simple transaction to send Ethereum, the corresponding amount is small, but for a more complex transaction, the corresponding amount is higher. Secondly, the gas price factor must be taken into account. The price of gas has increased fivefold since the beginning of the year.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

The deposit and withdrawal of Ether responds to a particular logic. You must first make sure that the selected network is the same as that of the platform on which you want to withdraw funds or to which you deposit funds. If you make a wrong choice of network, you will lose your funds.

The choice of the network depends on the options offered by the external wallet/exchange from which you make the withdrawal. If the external platform only supports the ERC20, you must select the ERC20 repository network.

Do not select the lowest transfer fee. Select the network compatible with the external platform. For example, you can only send ERC20 tokens to another ERC20 address, and you can only send BSC tokens to another BSC address. If you choose incompatible/different deposit networks. You will lose your funds.

Please make sure that the address and the amount are correct before confirming the transfer.

In summary, if you want to send Ethereum, you should make sure that the platform responsible for receiving accepts Ether and vice versa if you want to withdraw your winnings, make sure that the platform intended to receive them accepts Ethereum.

Ethereum deposit guide

The first step to play a game on an Ethereum casino, is to make a deposit of digital currencies. Of course, before starting the steps of depositing your funds, you must make sure of the credibility of the Ethereum casino. The most important rule is to register on platforms that have a good reputation among players.

The way to make deposits on an Ethereum casino varies depending on the operation of the operator. Here we will list 3 different types of situations.

In the first case, if it is a question of a casino that works exclusively thanks to the blockchain, you must make a money deposit on the site by transferring your ETH from your wallet (wallet) to that of the casino. Thus done, you now play your games only in Ethereum.

In the second case, you can place your bet on a classic casino that accepts your deposits and that you play with ETH on the site. The operation is identical to the first case, except that you have access to a larger number of different games on such an establishment.

The last case here induces a specific character. This is a traditional online casino that accepts your deposits with Ethereum, but which performs an automatic conversion into a fiat currency once on the platform. You must then play your games with the fiat currency. When you want to withdraw your money, you will have to convert it back to ETH.

Fast payment process at Ethereum online casino

One of the criteria that can push a player to choose one type of casino instead of another is the speed of payments. Indeed, the speed of Ethereum puts it ahead of fiat currency casinos. It processes credit cards and bank transfers in a short time, which usually take much longer before the winnings appear on the accounts. Casino operations are carried out in a matter of seconds so that players can transfer their winnings to their accounts faster.

As a bonus, credit cards do not guarantee enough in terms of security. The testimonies confirm this statement with the census of numerous cases of fraud. People who continue to trust this traditional payment system remain easy prey for anyone looking to make money quickly. With Ethereum casino, you don't have to provide any personal or financial information. Also, the player deals directly with the casino site which means that no third party can interrupt your transaction or help you facilitate it. Therefore, no banks are included and they have no access to your money and transactions. This shows you how Ethereum casinos outperform fiat currency casinos.

The future of Ethereum looks promising. Indeed, over time, the technology of this cryptocurrency continues to receive improvements. These are arguments of great importance that militate in favor of this cryptocurrency, which justifies its adoption by an ever increasing number of casinos.

Support the quality of work

With the democratization of cryptocurrencies, many casinos have embarked on the adventure. Not all of them being able to offer acceptable services, we end up with platforms that are unable to provide quality services. As we might expect, there are a multitude of Ethereum casinos with questionable functioning; casinos that do not respect their commitments and whose activity tarnishes the image of the sector.

To recognize the best Ethereum casinos, you can take an interest in its customer support service. On the website of this casino, you can notice a help service that receives all questions and requests from users. Most of the time, a directory of the most frequent questions is compiled in order to quickly help those who would encounter the same problems. In addition, players have the opportunity to ask their problems by e-mail to customer service. A form is then made available to users so that they can express themselves. The answers are made within an acceptable time limit to allow the players to be satisfied. These elements are not visible on a fancy casino that offers transactions in Ether. The fact that this cryptocurrency allows anonymous and untraceable transactions is an ideal pretext to scam online players.

Ethereum version and mobile application

As of this date, the latest version of Ethereum online is version 2.0. Ethereum 2.0 is nicknamed Serenity because it is a big update that brings major changes to the Ethereum protocol. It started on December 1, 2020 and continues today. This major update comes in three phases: beacon chain, shard chains and eWASM.

Online, you will find casinos that still offer the initial version of Ethereum while others have already switched to the new version. You must be careful to check the compatibility of your chips with the address of the casino where you make the deposit. In reality, an error of judgment could cost you very much because your lost cryptocurrencies will not come back to you.

There are several types of ETH tokens and only cryptocurrencies of the same type can be exchanged. For example, the casino can offer transactions with Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2) or Ethereum Classic (ETC). It is therefore necessary to be very attentive to what you read on the casino's website.

However, despite the version of ETH offered by the casino, players will be able to access it from all media. Moreover, today there are many platforms or mobile applications facilitating the manipulation of cryptocurrencies. It is possible that the casino you decide to play at has a mobile application and that Ethereum games are compatible with your smartphone. With the technological advance, it is possible to play ETH games from Android, iOS, or Windows devices. So you don't have to worry about the possibility of playing from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Ethereum

For those who are just getting acquainted with the cryptocurrency industry, it makes sense to do your due diligence and accumulate as much information on the topic before using your resources. The advantages of using Ethereum to play at the casino are numerous.

  • No third-party intervention – the ETH network has its own payment system and a proprietary web browser. When you want to use it to play at a casino, you make the transfer of funds to the wallet address of the casino which is responsible for crediting your account. There is therefore no external intervention in this transaction.
  • A protected payment system - Ethereum is a decentralized system that draws its power from thousands of different nodes located all over the world. Which makes hacking it difficult, if not impossible. Transactions on the Blockchain are reputed to be more secure than any other transfer mechanism that exists.
  • Anonymous transactions – one of the strengths of cryptocurrency is to make transactions completely anonymous and untraceable by banks. No one will be able to detect your investments in casinos or know which platform you are playing on.

The disadvantages regarding the use of Ethereum to play at the casino are undeniable. It can be noted that :

  • The number of online casinos that offer transactions by this means of payment is still reduced compared to those that use fiat money.
  • Players are not immune from an irreversible error in entering the casino's address, which will cause them to lose their money.
  • The volatility of cryptocurrency can be both an advantage and a disadvantage because the value of your tokens can change overnight. If this change is in the direction of growth it will be beneficial for you. On the other hand, if it is in the opposite direction, your winnings on the casino could simply melt away.

More Ethereum casinos to choose from

With the popularization of Ethereum, many casinos have emerged. What are the criteria that will allow you to make a better choice, and especially which Ethereum casinos canada should you choose?

Before embarking on an Ethereum casino, you have the obligation to reassure yourself that it respects the following points.

Bonuses: It can be complicated to find a platform that offers good bonuses. However, many Ethereum casinos offer great first deposit bonuses and different types of benefits, for example free spins and maybe even no deposit bonuses.

Reputation: There are several different factors in this section. A platform with a good reputation guarantees fast withdrawals, transparency at all stages and a smooth gaming experience.

Customer Service: Customer service is another crucial point to take into account.

We would have to know if he offers live assistance and if he is available 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7. An urgent problem could arise, so it is crucial to have someone who can help you if necessary.

Withdrawal time and limits: Most often, Ethereum Casinos apply different rules regarding the withdrawal time and limits. Your responsibility here is to learn how fast they process withdrawal requests and how much money you can withdraw over a certain period of time. Sometimes casinos have lower withdrawal limits, so that it becomes a less good option for big bettors.

Supported Games: Compared to classic casinos that offer the same list of games in a certain way, the Ethereum casino offers it diverse content. You will find that some games are not available due to the restrictions of the game provider or the platform itself. To conclude, if you plan to play specific games, it is better to take the trouble to check if they are available with Ether before making your bet.

The best Land-based Ethereum Casinos in Canada

Name of the casino Location Phone number Website
Caesars Windsor 377 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario 1-800-991-7777
River Rock Casino 8811 River Road, Richmond, British Columbia 1-866-748-3718
Casino Niagara 5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario 1-888-325-5788
River Cree Resort and Casino 300 East Lapotac Blvd Box 179 Enoch, Alberta T7X 3Y3 (780)484-2121
Casino of Montreal 1, avenue du Casino, Montreal, Quebec 1-800-665-2274



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