Online Slots Review Policy

Today, every gaming club offers a choice of thousands of online slot machines from renowned providers. Often, slot machines differ in graphics, plot, paylines, bonuses and the presence of a progressive jackpot. Slot machines are presented in the genres of lottery, roulette, strategy.

The online slots evaluation policy includes a few steps.

  • First of all, game specialists with gaming experience collect official information about the slot provided by the developer.
  • Then they evaluate them.

Generally, the information is taken from their pay tables. The paytable is a section of the video games and slots menu. This menu contains all the basic information about the slot. It can describe the bonus features and how to trigger them, the value of each symbol, the active paylines, as well as the percentage of returns to the player. For an experienced slots player, a quick glance at the paytable will be enough to find all the necessary information about the game.

After evaluating these data, the specialists conduct direct tests of the machine. Here they evaluate the graphics, design, variety and originality of characters and plots, ways and possibilities of placing bets. In this case, the machine must work without interruption. If there are bugs, it lowers the rating of the slot.

After all the necessary criteria have been evaluated, the experts give their verdict on the machine and assign it a place in the ranking.

What are we considering

Of course, any game in an online casino can be evaluated by the probability of winning. So, if, for example, everything is not so difficult at roulette (the chance of guessing the number is 2.7%), then it is much more complicated to assess the probability of winning at slot machines. Each slot has its own characteristics, starting with the number of lines and ending with the rules of bonus rounds. To choose the best slot machines, we do not need complex mathematical calculations. It will be enough to analyze the information already calculated and presented by the developer.

When choosing a slot machine for money, you should pay attention to the following parameters :

  • High-quality graphics ;
  • fascinating scenario ;
  • Good musical accompaniment ;
  • Bonus levels ;
  • Payment lines ;
  • Multipliers and jackpot ;
  • Percentage of returns ;
  • License for slot machine and casino.

But, let's take a closer look at the most important criteria.

What is RTP

RTP is one of the most serious features. The "Player Return" indicator determines the average value of the win relative to the bet and cannot exceed 100%. This does not mean that every online casino player will receive less than what he has put into the account. The RTP is calculated on the basis of millions of turns. As for the individual spins, their totals depend only on the random number generator.

The best slot machine developers have defined the unspoken RTP standard. An efficiency of 94 to 97% is considered average, but there are even machines with an RTP of more than 98%. You can find out the exact percentage of RTP on the official website of the developer, sometimes the return value is indicated in the device's payment table.

Most of the gambling entertainment on casino sites works on a random number generator. It is impossible to calculate the result in advance. If there are doubts about the honesty of the gaming portal, you can always consult the archives of all draws.

Source protection and confidentiality

Of course, one of the most important criteria when evaluating the reliability of a slot machine is the safety of your game. This means that the game will be fair and that the draws will not be rigged. So, modern slot machines store their data on powerful servers, and for draws they use the technology of generating random numbers.

Security also means that any personal data that a customer fills in in order to play a real money slot machine will not be disclosed or passed on to third parties. Information security is the basic principle of any bona fide club that offers games on licensed slot machines. Thus, all financial transactions with real money are protected by encryption protocols and cannot be opened without authorization. All slot machine payments must be paid promptly and on time.

Another concept of game safety can be attributed to the principle of responsible gambling. So, slot machine players should understand that the game is primarily an opportunity to have fun, not to win money. Therefore, responsible slot machines have a bet limit function to limit your expenses and ensure the financial security of the players.

Updated notice

Undoubtedly, from time to time even the best games become boring for users and require updates. Innovations can concern different aspects of the game. Thus, if a company wants to maintain interest in its product, the introduction of innovations becomes a necessary component of development. Therefore, popular slot machines periodically add new cards or new heroes to the games. Sometimes the image itself can be updated or new tasks, skins and achievements appear. All this fuels the interest of existing players and attracts new fans. And, in general, such improvements affect customer satisfaction, and therefore the rating of the niche itself.

Updates can also affect all kinds of technological problems. For example, a slot machine publishes updates that allow you to play not only on a computer, but also on a mobile device. Or the company may increase the volatility of the machine, which leads to the possibility of receiving larger winnings. This, of course, is a major factor influencing the evaluation of the machine.



Which slot machines have the highest payouts?

The following categories of slot machines are considered the most profitable:

Can I play slots with a casino bonus?

Of course, you can play slots with bonus funds. The money is credited to the bonus account as a reward from the club. The rules of many casinos provide for a first deposit bonus and activity rewards. Bonuses can be scheduled on a specific date or on a regular basis. It is impossible to withdraw funds from the bonus account without first betting. You can bet the bonus in any slot machine by simply placing a bet from the bonus account. The player will be able to withdraw bonus money only if the bet on them plays well and it is transferred to a real account.

Can I play new slots on mobile?

Yes, many slot machine games are available to play on a mobile device or other portable gadget. Their functionalities and their interface are adapted to different screens and devices. This is very convenient, because you are not tied to any place and can start the game at any time. At the same time, the functionality of the game does not differ from the computer version. You can also deposit, place bets and withdraw funds.

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