Online Casino Review Policy

Why do we need casino reviews? When creating casino reviews, we strive to provide players with the best possible information. After studying it, each user will be able to choose a reliable resource for playing without risks. Let us tell you how we evaluate casinos and write reviews about them, as well as the criteria that we take into account. Each online casino goes through an identical evaluation process that guarantees completely honest reviews based on the same criteria. Therefore, you can be completely sure that you will receive complete, reliable and qualified information about gambling sites.

More recently, players had to make a choice in favor of one or another online casino at their own risk. The virtual gaming market is constantly expanding. Demand creates supply, and new technologies allow you to quickly create and improve gaming products. As a result, the number of legal online casinos is also increasing, offering gaming entertainment for every taste and for every wallet size. Unfortunately, among the whole mass there are also fraudulent sites. In order not to become a victim of cyber-scammers, you should carefully check the information on the site on which you plan to play for real money.

The process of evaluating an Internet resource takes place in several stages. First of all, our team of specialists keeps an eye on the new casinos that appear on the market. After that, our employees, and sometimes third-party specialists, collect the necessary information about this company. Then information is requested from the competent authorities about the availability of all the necessary documents confirming the activities of the platform. Also, the casino is evaluated according to all the necessary standards and criteria. Often, our employees can act as a "secret client" to look at the work of the services from the inside. If all aspects are estimated and must work, the site can be classified as reliable and enter our ranking. We will talk about this and much more in today's article.

What does it take for a casino to appear on our website?

In order for a casino to appear on our site, we carefully evaluate it, taking into account important criteria and world standards for the operation of online casinos. Thus, the first impression of the site plays an important role, and often from the first seconds we can determine whether the site is good or not. This first impression gives our experts an idea of how user-friendly the site is and also determines how aesthetically pleasing the site is – although these are small things, they can really affect your gaming experience. Of course, our experts have extensive experience and can already form a definitive opinion on a preliminary assessment. But, this will not be enough for a thorough analysis and identification of unscrupulous market participants. In order for a casino to be included in the reliability rating, all important factors are evaluated, which we will talk about a little later.

Why our reviews are different from others that you can find on the Internet

Rather than simply listing the online gambling sites considered trustworthy, we prefer to give players complete and clear information about each gambling club. All reviews are written with great care, paying attention to every detail. Our evaluation process includes not only the collection and analysis of data, but also a simple and understandable presentation for those who are not professionals.

We strive to ensure that every player has the opportunity to choose reliable gambling sites and not be afraid that the winnings will not be paid. Or that the results of the game will be adjusted. To achieve this goal, we work with a whole team of qualified reviewers to select and evaluate each website. Their experience and their open-mindedness combine to provide an ideal evaluation that summarizes all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the evaluated resources. Thanks to this work, players can select several favorite gambling sites with excellent features and bonuses in no time.

Taking a few minutes of your time to read our casino review can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. In addition, you save yourself a certain amount of nerve cells that will not be spent on identifying fraudulent schemes and poor-quality service. We greatly appreciate your trust and are making every effort to justify it.

Detailed examination of the factors taken into account and their influence on our ratings

In recent years, you can find many different gambling clubs online. Because of this, many novice players find it difficult to choose the most suitable and profitable establishment. We will help you figure out how to choose the perfect option for a productive gaming process. A huge number of different solutions and options allow every fan of excitement to choose the best option, have fun and win. A comprehensive assessment of an institution consists of many criteria. For this reason, many players have difficulties. As a rule, first of all, the reliability of the resource, the availability of licenses are taken into account. Reviews of real players are also important. Negative reviews suggest that it is better not to use the services of such an institution. So, positive reviews indicate a high level of trust, allowing you to choose the best honest casino.

The following aspects are very influential :

  • Availability of a gaming club license ;
  • Large assortment of games of chance, quality of games of chance ;
  • Feedback from real players ;
  • The work of helpdesk ;
  • Methods of replenishment and withdrawal from the account ;
  • Convenience of the site ;
  • Availability of a mobile version of the site and a mobile application ;
  • Other aspects.

Next, we will analyze in detail each criterion for selecting a reliable casino.

Security and trust

We represent and recommend only online casinos approved by an authorized body in good standing, including :

  • Malta Gaming Authority ;
  • United Kingdom Gaming Commission ;
  • Government of Gibraltar ;
  • the Alderney Gaming Control Commission ;
  • the Kahnawake Gaming Commission;
  • Curaçao Gaming Commission ;
  • Casinos that have been tested by eCOGRA.

All these organizations are reputable institutions that regulate the activities of gambling establishments in their jurisdiction. This means that they guarantee the safety of the games, as well as the reliability and honesty of the casino. All these organizations thus have their own sets of rules and laws that casinos must comply with in order to be able to offer gambling in these jurisdictions. They can include any rules, from limiting bonuses to the need to clearly explain the rules for using the sites.

Regarding the security of the transmission of your personal data, including payment data, all verified casinos use SSL-modern encryption protocols. In addition, the casino cannot share your information with third parties, as indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the site.

Games and software

Online casinos should work with reliable software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Novomatic and other large companies that produce games. The more slots from well-known companies there are in the catalog, the higher the guarantee that we are dealing with a solid platform. We also determine whether these casinos offer instant games, mobile and downloadable games and how large their selection is. These are card games, slot machines, roulette, games with a live dealer. It is important to note that the games must not encounter technical problems or bugs. They must be available on all devices as they are updated. Our site contains only licensed casinos that use only original slot machines. We prefer to evaluate casinos that work honestly and only with certified products. There are no casinos that use copies of slot machines on their sites in the ranking.

Bonuses and Promotions

The level of customer satisfaction and loyalty also depends on the content of the casino bonus program. The generosity of the bonuses offered must be supported by adequate wagering conditions. We believe that a bonus is an advantage for the casino, but only when it is clear what exactly is offered and under what conditions. The more varied the bonuses, the wider the choice of players. As a rule, in each online casino you can find various welcome bonuses, as well as loyalty programs that work on the principle of accumulating and redeeming points. As a bonus, you will receive free spins, deposit refunds and other prizes. But, regular customers who have achieved the status of VIP customers can be rewarded with various trips, tourist packages and even material prizes. The size of the bonus programs indicates the stable operation and reliability of the club.

Banking and money

Perhaps the main aspect that determines the success of a gambling site and its popularity is the speed of payments and the sums won. It is not so important for a player to win a good amount of money as to quickly withdraw it from the account. Online casinos always try not to delay payments. Thus, similarly, offer their customers a wide range of payment instruments. In addition, we make sure that all popular payment methods are available in the casino, such as Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill and others. These are proven payment systems, the reputation of which speaks for itself. With such entrepreneurs, depositing and withdrawing funds will not be too difficult or dangerous.

To ensure that payments are guaranteed to be credited, you should also pay attention to the limits for depositing and withdrawing money. These conditions are specified in the main provisions of the casino. Do not be lazy and take the time to familiarize yourself with them if you choose to play on a site that is not in our list.

Customer service

The work of the technical support service is an important element of the overall assessment of the gaming club. Timely, comprehensive and objective work of customer support directly affects the quality of customer service, the reputation of the site. It is serious that players get real help in a number of situations that arise during the game. Of course, the speed and competence of the assistance provided is very important. The number of communication channels with the staff also matters. It can be a hotline, a chat, an e-mail. If the staff speaks several languages, this adds points to the casino's rating. The customer service must work at the same opening hours of the casino. In most cases, the support service provides its services to customers 24/24 and 7/7, which is undoubtedly very convenient.


A mobile casino is a good opportunity to play at your favorite casino without depending on your computer or any place. At the same time, games work correctly from a phone, when they are created specifically for gadgets. That is, thanks to the HTML-5 technology.

Each selected casino offers the possibility of playing from portable devices: tablets and smartphones. All establishments have a special platform with an adaptive layout for gambling. It is loaded by default when the user accesses the site from the gadget. The system automatically recognizes the operating system and redirects the client to the required resource. The programs are developed for phones running on different operating systems - iOS and Android.

The possibility for players to install an application on a phone, in other words a specialized software, is also being studied. This version therefore works stably even in the absence of an Internet connection.


Today, when online casinos operate, not only on the national market, but also on the international market, it is a question of localizing and adapting the site to the needs of their customers. After all, users in each region have their own native language and other local features. These may be specific methods of payment or withdrawal of money, as well as other legislative norms. Thus, casinos should not allow players who have not reached the minimum age in their country to play. Statistics say that users prefer an online product presented in their native language. And, most players rarely or never pay for services on sites whose only language is English. In addition, if during the game the player encounters difficulties and needs to contact the support service, then it will be easier and more comfortable to speak in the local language. That is why the location is included in the list of evaluation criteria for online clubs.

How we collect data about casinos and keep our reviews up to date

Usually, resources that publish a review of a casino hire employees with at least 10 years of gaming experience. The team is made up of experts who know various online casinos, the features of the games, the software and have also checked in detail the creditworthiness of the most popular operators. In addition, our team includes, not only experienced players, but also people who have already worked in the online casino support service. These specialists know the whole "kitchen" from the inside and will share their experience in this industry.

In order to conduct a complete analysis of the casino site, it takes a long time. Our employees first test all the services offered by the casino, and then write a detailed review. It is very important that the casino reviews are really truthful and unbiased.

Thus, our experts go through the entire customer cycle from the moment of registration on the site to the withdrawal of the deposit. They contact customer service and evaluate his work. They test the usability of the content, play on mobile devices and tablets to evaluate the compatibility of the casino with other types of screens.

Our team constantly reviews our reviews and changes all the necessary data. In case of problems with the casino or published updates, the information will also be corrected on our resource. Naturally, the positions occupied in the ranking are not something permanent. The market situation is constantly changing, online casinos are constantly developing as new features are introduced to implement improvements. Some casino review sites never review their reviews, so the information posted may not be up to date or valid. We regularly monitor updates to ensure that our readers receive only reliable information.

What happens when a casino is not quite up to the task?

Every month we review hundreds of options for gambling sites. And, a few of them cannot be considered credible due to inconsistency with the relevant parameters of our analysis. Therefore, even if they look like professional platforms, we do not put them at the top of the rankings. Instead of evaluating gambling sites positively or negatively, we highlight what makes them good or bad. In other words, our job is not telling the players what to do. They make the final decision based on the actual performance.

We always warn players, especially beginners, not to choose the wrong playing field. Eventually, this can lead to unpleasant consequences and discourage the desire to play completely.

It should be borne in mind what exactly you can expect from an unscrupulous resource :

  • Total disappearance or confiscation of the funds and winnings that you have deposited ;
  • An unreasonable betting limit that puts the player at a disadvantage ;
  • Poor customer service or ignorance of your requests ;
  • Slow withdrawals that take too long to process.
  • There is no guarantee as to the honesty of the casino's draws.
  • Unfair and exaggerated wagering requirements.

Fortunately, when you choose a reliable gambling site, you don't have to worry about solving all these problems. But, if you encounter at least one of these problems while playing at an online casino, you should immediately file a complaint with the competent authority. Stop replenishing your deposit account until all the circumstances are clarified.

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