Revolut online casino

There are a large number of payment methods that you can use on online gambling sites, but with millions of users to its credit, the Revolut service is undoubtedly positioned as one of the best alternatives for your digital payments. Indeed, with Revolut money transfers are much faster and more secure. As for the fees charged for the service, they are much lower. In addition, the service accepts a large number of currencies via the Revolut card, which is a big advantage for players who have a bank account in Canadian dollars, USD, RUB or NOK for example.

In general, anyone can use the Revolut payment service to make any online purchase. They can do this by using, in particular, its virtual or physical debit cards which record millions of transactions each year. The number of online casinos that allow Revolut as a deposit method is also constantly increasing.

On the security side, you can be sure that Revolut is a safe and reliable online money transfer service. It operates with a banking license obtained from the very reputable European Central Bank. Revolut has also applied for a banking license in Great Britain where it has its registered office at 4th Floor 7 Westferry Circus, London. On this page, we will show you how you can find the best casinos that accept revolut nowadays. In particular, we will provide you with useful information about the service offered by Revolut, the procedure to follow to deposit money into your casino account using this payment option, as well as everything you need to know about the bonuses offered by the best revolut casinos.

How to play at the casino for real money with Revolut

Revolut has built an excellent reputation on the online money transfer market where it is recognized as one of the most user-friendly services. And the other good news that online gambling lovers will be delighted to hear is that it is just as easy to make a real money deposit with this method to play at the casino.

To do this, you must make sure that your virtual casino account is completely open and above all, that you have a Revolut app or card. Then you just need to select "Revolut" from the list of payment options. You will easily find this list in the deposit section of your casino. Once you have done this, enter your Revolut card information and the amount you want to deposit. If the casino does not directly offer the revolut option, you can choose Mastercard or Visa instead and the operation will be almost the same.

After entering all the required information and clicking on "confirm", the deposit amount you have indicated will in principle arrive immediately in the balance of your casino account. However, even this is quite rare, sometimes there is a delay of one or two hours of time. If this delay continues, you must contact the casino or Revolut customer support to find out what is happening and if there is a problem.

Otherwise, once the deposit arrives on your account, you can start the game and take advantage of all the offers and advantages that revolut online casinos have in store for you. Revolut also accepts withdrawals at the casino, except that in general, the delay is longer and fees may apply as we will see later. Everything will depend on the platform on which you play, and some online casinos may impose restrictions on withdrawals.

Best Revolut casino bonuses

If you opt for Revolut as a payment method to deposit and withdraw money on virtual gaming platforms, you will be rewarded with generous bonuses. The majority of internet casinos encourage their customers to use a wide range of payment options, and for the Revolut service, these operators always reserve welcome gifts and tempting promotions for you on a daily basis. Here is a selection of the best bonuses waiting for you on revoluts casinos :

The 100% deposit bonus%

This revolut casino bonus allows you to multiply the amount you have deposited into your account by two to extend your gaming sessions. Also, it allows you to have more funds to spend to make more bets and therefore, to multiply your chances of winning and to have access to more lucrative withdrawals.

The free spins

Free spins are available in almost all the welcome packages offered by the best casinos that accept revolut. Some of these casinos give you bonuses of up to 250 free spins on the most popular slots, so that you can try your luck. But that also, you can enjoy more exciting and entertaining gaming sessions. Among these popular slot machines, we find flagship titles such as Power of God, Witchcraft Academy, Mega Moolah, Egypt and Helloween, etc.

The special bonuses

Highly anticipated by players, these bonuses are usually granted during the holidays and in December for the celebration of Christmas. Most of the time, these special bonuses are include exciting offers like the 200% deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus or the cash back bonuses...

By making your payments with Revolut card, you will get all these bonuses and more, exclusive bonus packs with new offers that you will not find anywhere else but on the websites of the best revolut casinos.

General information about Revolut

Revolut is the perfect example of the dynamism observed in the London environment of fintech start-ups. Launched in 2015 by Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky, this young company is the result of a fintech incubator based in Canary Wharf (a kind of collaborative program whose mission is to search for new financial projects).

The Revolut project quickly stood out from other start-ups from the very beginning, thanks in particular to the significant funding it attracted. In 2018, the young company will mobilize the staggering sum of 250 million USD from DST Global which will allow it to obtain the status of unicorn and a Challenger banking license in the process.

The following year (2019), the English start-up begins to offer its customers to invest in several types of shares without commission using the Revolut application. Users of this software could do this by investing, for example, on the New York Stock Exchange and on the Nasdaq. Some time later, it will sign an agreement with Visa which will lead to the opening of twenty-four new markets and the recruitment of 3,500 new employees.

Shortly before the Covid 19 pandemic is triggered, Revolut will experience another phase of impressive financing which will bring its value to £4.2 billion and will help it, in passing, to expand its customer base in a considerable way. Obtaining licenses on the British and American markets will allow it to meet a dazzling success with the public in 2021.

Today, the database of this online payment service reports a little more than 15.5 million users to its credit. With such a figure, Revolut confirms its highly courted status as the best Fintech start-up in the UK. We can even say that it has become a very serious competitor to the big classic and well-established banks such as HSBC and Barclays.

Details of the Revolut payment system

Before using the Revolut payment system in an online gambling site in Canada or anywhere else, you must have a Revolut account. Players can do this by downloading the Revolut app on Google Play or App Store. Once the application has been downloaded, they will only have to open it and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to create an account.

After creating the Revolut account, you will be asked to carry out certain checks. The purpose of this control is to verify the identity of the users and to ensure compliance with the laws that govern fraud in the States. The process is very fast and once it is completed, the user will have full access to the Revolut app on his smartphone. From then on, he will be able to transfer funds to his account with a Mastercard or a Visa card and make deposits via Revolut at the online casino.

Overall, it is very easy to load your Revolut account with real money. You will be able to use different payment methods to do this :

  • Credit card such as a Mastercard or Visa card for example
  • Bank transfer
  • The Google Play service (provided that you have a shopping app in your phone)
  • The Apple pay service (you can even make purchases with Apple Watch or your iPhone)

Fees and commissions applicable to Revolut

The Revolut online payment service does not apply any commission on deposits. As for the transaction fees charged to its customers, they are very low. This is also why it is very popular. To open and register your account at Revolut, you have the choice between 3 packs: the Standard account, the Basic account and the Premium account.

The use of Basic and Premium accounts is subject to the collection of monthly fees and their holders benefit from an upgrade of these accounts each month. The standard account for its part is free and you can use it to transfer funds to and from your favorite online gaming platforms.

Deposits of up to 1000 dollars made with Revolut at online casinos are free of charge. Beyond this amount, all your deposits on revolut casinos onine will be charged 0.5%. Withdrawals of winnings of up to $200 via the Revolut app after a win are free of charge. But the service will still cost you a small commission of 2%.

Regardless of the type of package you choose, using the Revolut application guarantees you access to a Mastercard or a Visa card to allow you to play without any obstacles at the online casino.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Once you have filled in all your card details in the deposits section of the gaming platform and confirmed the transfer of funds, the amount you indicated is instantly deposited into the balance of your virtual casino account. This means that you will be able to start playing your favorite revolut casinos games immediately without having to worry about endless transactions as is sometimes observed with other payment methods.

As for the withdrawal methods with the Revolut application, you must essentially wait between 3 and 5 working days for your withdrawal request to be processed. This is a standard deadline that can be found in the process of almost all online payment services.

Whether you make a deposit or a withdrawal, the processing of your funds and your information by Revolut is subject to optimal protection and security. It is one of the most reliable transaction mechanisms on the internet nowadays. So, no matter how long it takes before the money arrives on your revolut account in case of withdrawal, we think it's really worth the candle to be patient.

Revolut deposit guide

Deposits via revolut to an online casino account are usually made in a few moments. At most, you will have to wait only a few short seconds before the balance of your casino account is credited with the amount you wish to deposit. This is one of the reasons why this application is very popular in the online casino gaming community in Canada.

Here is a short guide that shows you how to deposit money into your online casino account with Revolut :

  • After downloading the revolut app and creating your revolut account (for those who had not yet done so, of course), go to the "deposit" section of your casino and choose the Visa/Mastercard option
  • Then enter all the required information of your card (Visa or Mastercard) on your revolut application. These include your name, CVV number (you will see it on the back of the card), the card number and the date on which it expires
  • Also enter the amount you want to deposit into your online casino account, then click on the "Deposit" tab, once you have verified that all the information you have entered is correct. Your deposit will be made instantly.

Quick payment process at Revolut online casino

If you are playing on the website of an online gambling establishment that accepts payments -in particular withdrawals - by Mastercard or via Visa card, then you can use the revolut app to withdraw your winnings there in case of victory.

Here is a small detailed guide that explains how to proceed in this case :

  • Go to the payments section of the online casino and click on the "Withdrawal" menu
  • The list of withdrawal options authorized by the casino will be displayed immediately, click on Visa/Mastercard
  • To use the Revolut service, just fill in your card information (your name, CVV number, card number and expiration date of it)
  • Then select the amount you want to withdraw from your online casino account
  • Check that there are no errors, that all the information has been entered correctly and finally click on "Withdraw"

It is important to emphasize at this level that withdrawal times may vary depending on one online casino to another. But overall, they can last between 3 and 5 working days, which corresponds to the processing time on your Revolut account. This is the same period that applies to other withdrawals from your bank or by card

Quality customer support

The payment service imagined by Revolut is one of the most intuitive and optimal. The least we can say about the user experience is that this British company has gone to great lengths to be able to guarantee its customers the greatest comfort and high-quality technical assistance. To do this, Revolut had the wonderful idea of integrating its customer support directly into its application.

Thus, to access Revolut's customer service, all you have to do is press your icon and then select the small question mark in the bubble. These actions will not only allow you to access Revolut's FAQs, but they will also give you the opportunity to request a live chat with one of the customer support agents. Players who wish to do so can also request online assistance from their browser, they will just have to log in and then go to the "Get Help" section.

Revolut's customer support will be particularly useful for reporting difficulties encountered with the Revolut app on your Android and iOS devices, or when converting amounts in CAD, USD, EUR and GBP to a foreign currency.

Best Revolut Casino Games

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Moonshine Riches online slot machine
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Vikings Slot Machine
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Vikings Slot Machine
Fortinium Gold Slot Machine in Canada
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Wolf Run online slot machine
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Wild Worlds Slot Machine in Canada
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Revolut version and mobile application

The Revolut payment service is available on all spheres of the European market. In addition, it accepts more than 29 currencies, including CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, CZK, CHF, HKD, ILS, HRK...American, English and Russian players are even accepted on its platform. If the Revolut mobile application was unavailable in the United States, this is no longer the case since 2020 when important changes have been made, thus allowing American users to take full advantage of Revolut services.

We can even say that the coverage of the Revolut mobile app has greatly expanded in recent years, and now players from many countries can play at the best casinos that accept revolut by taking advantage of ultra secure fund transfers and maximum protection of their personal data.

Even more, this mobile application is compatible with Revolut mobile casinos. All the online gaming platforms listed on our page have the particularity of being mobile-friendly and they are compatible with all mobile devices equipped with a Windows, iOS or Android operating system. This means that you will be able to fully enjoy your favorite mobile casino games using the revolut application without any problems.

Whether it's table games, live gaming sessions with live dealer, video poker or the best slot will be entitled to a complete offer, adapted for all screen sizes and compatible with the Revolut payment system. Much more, you will be able to enjoy a fast loading of all the games, optimized graphics and HD quality of the images. By playing at the mobile casino with Revolut, you can even move around at any time while staying connected to the game. And as if that wasn't enough, Revolut makes sure to facilitate all your money transfers on the intuitive and warm interface of mobile casinos.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Revolut


The Revolut application is quite convenient and simple. In addition, it allows you to easily control your finances. A section in your application allows you to have all the details about the state of expenses that you have made during a month for different purchases, including for online gambling. This tool even allows you to define monthly budgets for each of your expenses, for strict control of your money. This is a very interesting possibility for all lovers of online gambling.

Here are some advantages of the revolut casinos service :

  • Practical, simple and easy to take in hand
  • Safe and reliable (guaranteed safety)
  • Easily and quickly deposit money to your casino account
  • Withdrawals are supported
  • The service is fast and simple
  • Possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies
  • The use of the revolut service in online casinos does not cost you any fees
  • Ability to set a budget to limit and control your expenses on online gambling sites
  • Freezes your card in case of necessity
  • Notification of each of your expenses online, so you can track your expenses and protect yourself from fraudulent transactions


As is generally the case for all online payment services, the use of the Revolut option to make fund transfers to and from virtual casinos has some disadvantages. The first flaw relates to the fact that it will not be possible for you to play with Revolut on all paid gaming platforms, even if you are in Canada. Indeed, not all online betting establishments accept this payment method.

In addition, sometimes you have to wait a long time before receiving the physical version of the Revolut card. Anything that can be disabling if you do not want to use the digital solution of the service at the time of your registration.

More Revolut casinos to choose from

Although the Revolut service is relatively young in the world of online payments, you should have no difficulty finding an online gambling site that allows its users to choose this option as a payment tool. There are actually many online casinos nowadays that allow players to make real money deposits and withdrawals with Revolut.

However, you have to be extremely careful when looking for casinos that support this payment system. Indeed, revolut casinos do not always guarantee the same conditions in terms of reliability, customer support and security provided to players.

On the other hand, you can be reassured about the reliability and seriousness of the casino whenever you come across an online gambling house that accepts Revolut. If you are having trouble identifying trustworthy Revolut online casinos, we recommend that you check out the best casino comparison sites like ours to find the most reliable and safe revolut online casinos.

To make your task even easier, our page goes further by offering you the possibility of finding these casinos by a filtering process of the different types of bonuses offered by them: no deposit bonuses, free spins on slot machines, lotto, welcome bonuses, exclusive bonuses, etc. Know that it is essential to play on casinos recognized and having an excellent reputation with players because, it is about the security of your money, your data and even the fairness of the games you will find there.

Here is a list of 10 safe and reliable revolut casinos where you can play safely on the internet :

  • LuckyDays Casino
  • PlayOJO
  • Rapid Casino
  • Jackpot Village Casino
  • Malina Casino
  • Dream Vegas Casino
  • PalmSlots
  • Casino 777
  • Betinia Casino
  • HappySpins Casino

The best Land-based Revolut Casinos in Canada

Name of the casino Location Phone number Website
Caesars Windsor 377 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario 1-800-991-7777
River Rock Casino 8811 River Road, Richmond, British Columbia 1-866-748-3718
Casino Niagara 5705 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario 1-888-325-5788
River Cree Resort and Casino 300 East Lapotac Blvd Box 179 Enoch, Alberta T7X 3Y3 (780)484-2121
Casino of Montreal 1, avenue du Casino, Montreal, Quebec 1-800-665-2274



Is it safe to deposit with Revolut?

Yes. Revolut guarantees complete control of your finances. Whether for deposits or withdrawals, she gives you detailed information on all money inflows and outflows, including fund transfers that seem suspicious to her. All this, in addition to the security measures and other features offered by Mastercard and Visa. As a revolut service user, you will also be able to freeze your card and have access to customer support from the live chat.

Is it legal to play Revolut at online casinos in Canada?

Yes. You can play with Revolut in online casinos installed in Canada legally. Indeed, the Revolut payment service is very popular in this country where it is authorized by the government and accepted by a large number of banks as is the case in the United States, Great Britain and several other European, Asian and even African states, etc. Canadian players who love online real money games will be delighted to discover the best revolut casinos on their computer and on the small screen of their mobile support.

How to choose an online casino that accepts Revolut?

On this site you will find a list of online gambling establishments that support Revolut. A series of essential filters is also available to help you find the casinos that best meet your expectations. You can refine this list by selecting the "Recommended" section if necessary. This action will then lead to the best casinos that accept revolut, that is to say those that we consider to be the most suitable to offer you exceptional games and a much more exhilarating experience. Of course, this list is regularly updated so that you don't miss anything about the new Revolut casinos.

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