Blacklisted online casino sites

In order to be able not only to enjoy the game, but also to earn money, you need to choose honest platforms. Unfortunately, not all sites offer fair play and good returns, and in 2022 there are a lot of scammers. That is why you need to choose the casino responsibly and pay attention to all the details.

The selection process must consist of several stages. First of all, it is advisable to read reviews from real people and read reviews like this. All mandatory characteristics must be present. These include security, good communication and customer support, several payment system options, etc. It is better to spend more time, but use a proven platform. If you decide that the site is for you, start by making a small deposit and test how the site works. Once everything has gone well, you can enjoy the game.

There is a list of casinos to avoid. An analysis was made to find all the important characteristics that were not found. The most obvious sign of scammers is the absence of a license and legal information about the owner, uncertified slot machines, a registration procedure that is too fast, etc. In good casinos, everything works quickly, but user verification is essential. Otherwise, the site is easily accessible to scammers who do not want to confirm their identity. This article takes a closer look at it.

List of fraudulent casinos

In our list of fraudulent casinos, we have included sites that, for various reasons, do not comply with the generally accepted rules. These include in particular:

Alpha Casino

Alpha Casino





Jinni Lotto

Jinni Lotto

Jackpot Wheel Casino

Jackpot Wheel Casino



Casino Scores

Casino Scores

Pirate Spin

Pirate Spin

Crazy King

Crazy King

The list could be long, but we will focus on these platforms.

ExclusiveBet Casino publishes incorrect information. There are a lot of bad reviews. The minimum withdrawal amounts to 50 euros, which is very impractical. Vip Slots is largely compliant with fraud, as there has been a notable tinkering. That is, it is impossible to earn anything. The technical support is also poor and does not help solve customer problems.

BitCasino is absolutely not recommended for playing and is on the blacklist of several sites. The following casinos have similar negative characteristics: Lake Palace Casino, Jupiter Club Casino and Blackjack Club Casino. The practice of more than one person has shown that they are of no use and benefit, since they are designed solely for the purpose of earning personal money fraudulently.

Reasons to blacklist online casinos

The casino is on the blacklist due to a number of negative factors that have been found in the process of using the platform. They can usually be identified quickly, because a player who has already played in a casino will have discrepancies. For example, if they offer too large bonuses. But in order to activate them, the operator will certainly ask you to make large deposits. The wagering conditions of these bonuses are impossible: high bet, short time limit, unprofitable limits for bets and winnings. In other words, it turns out that this is just a scam.

A license is mandatory. Without a license, there is no guarantee of security or reliability. The most popular regulators are Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, etc. Popular and proven platforms do not have such obvious disadvantages, which is why many players use them. In addition, they enjoy high ratings and positive feedback from real people, unlike fraudulent projects.

The casino's gaming experience is just as important. As a rule, cheaters do not stay on the spot for a long time, because they receive a lot of negativity, and therefore move from one site to another. Therefore, the longer the period of operation of the site, the more likely it is that it will work according to honest principles. In addition, very young sites may not yet benefit from the privileges that popular projects can offer. But in any case, the choice depends on the player himself, his preferences and requirements.

Slow payment

The first sign that a beginner player may not notice immediately is the slow payment of winnings. As a rule, there are also no payment system options for transactions. In addition, it may be that withdrawals are not possible at all on such a platform. That is why it is important to first study all possible methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. It is important to remember that there may be more options for deposits than for withdrawals.

Choose an online casino that offers popular payment instruments. Use only proven payment instruments, as this will reduce the risk of losing money. If there are no such options, leave the site and find a more suitable casino for you.

Unreliable casinos deliberately delay withdrawals and do not block funds when creating a request for winnings. Delays may be due to the absence of verification or additional checks. In this case, it is easy to lose the remaining funds on the account, if they are not frozen before the application is processed. This is what a fraudulent system consists of.


In dishonest casinos, everything will be fine as long as you lose more than you win. The only thing that is worse than very slow payments is the absence of payment. If the casino does not work legally, the player cannot do anything about it, except accept the loss of his funds. But this unpleasant result can be avoided by carefully studying the site before making a deposit.

It happens that users file complaints against this type of casino with the competent authorities, but the effectiveness of this approach is not noticed in all cases. If it is a scam, the site does not even explain the reasons for the lack of payment. In some cases, payments may be refused due to violation of the terms and conditions, which is why it is so important to know about them before using a resource. The most unpleasant thing is, of course, the refusal to pay your winnings for no reason. This is often the case when playing in unlicensed casinos that are specifically designed for fraudulent activities.

Fake ad

You often see advertisements on the casino sites themselves. They are present and give an additional income to the platform. Scammers do not always abuse promotional offers and advertise everything they can. This trait makes it easy for you to know if the project you have in front of you is honest or not. In other words, if you see a casino advertising fraudulent projects, that's one too.

There may be advertising on the websites. But, it is strictly regulated by law. A casino should not be overwhelmed by promotional offers and should be responsible for the content it publishes. It is better not to click on dubious links and advertisements, as they can harm personal safety.

Unfair conditions

Before using a particular casino and playing a particular game of chance, you should familiarize yourself with the conditions and requirements. In the latter, even cheaters often describe all the nuances of cooperation. This way you will not get hung up and will not be left without money.

You should not rely on all the information that is in the casino. There may be false information on the homepage that is published to attract new people. There can be beautiful promises and plausible phrases. However, this is not a factor to rely on when choosing a casino.

Change of conditions

Again, this sign indicates the need to read the full category of site conditions and requirements. In this section, most casinos relieve themselves of a part, and sometimes of all responsibility. The disadvantages and signs of fraudulent casinos include abrupt changes in the terms and conditions. Although this factor is more controversial.

You will often see a line in the general terms and conditions indicating that the administration has the right to modify and update any point of the general terms and conditions without giving a reason. These changes to the general terms and conditions can be made for a wide variety of reasons related to customer service (legal, commercial, etc.). If a player knows that this is a possibility, he is already insured and warned.

The new rules will come into force as soon as they are published. But, it is sometimes specified that if the modified rules provided for by the regulations are unacceptable, customers have the right to refuse to use the casino's services and close their account.

Legitimacy of the game

Legitimacy is one of the most important aspects, because security depends on it. It is difficult for a neophyte to distinguish between unlicensed software and original software. The use of counterfeits is indicated by the absence of the supplier's logo at the beginning of the niche, the unusual interface and the absence of certificates from independent technical laboratories. If you can't identify it, read the reviews that warn about it. Websites with a license approved by a special authority and certified games are not on the blacklist.

The license must necessarily come from popular people – Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, etc. It is better to avoid holders of dubious permits, because they can simply be bought. There should also be information about the company. Some casinos have mastered the art of rigging them. So you need to pay attention to every detail and check if the information corresponds to reality. In addition, without a license, websites cannot work. Without it, they are illegal, which means that if there is a problem, there is no legal solution to the problem. This is a guarantee for the player that everything will turn out well, which is why it is the most important reliability criterion.


Spam emails are intrusive messages of an advertising nature that online users do not appreciate. Unfortunately, fraudulent sites often send spam that disturbs players. Indeed, these messages arrive without the user's consent.

How does spam arrive? It's very simple. When registering, everyone must leave a postal address. This method is used by dishonest casinos. They can give this address to third parties or spam on their own. Therefore, they receive additional profits for the transmission of this data. Most decent establishments allow customers to decide for themselves whether they want to receive information about promotions that take place in the casino. But some do not allow players to unsubscribe from these mailings. It is very difficult to get rid of these letters later, so it is better to beware of scammers in advance.

Security issues

A service must take responsibility for the safety of its members. Scammers certainly don't do this. This increases the risk of losing their personal data. They can earn extra money by giving other people's data.

A popular and proven casino guarantees anonymity in every sense of the word. This applies to personal information as well as payments and other aspects. With honest platforms, the player feels safe, which allows him to play safely without the risk of loss or damage.

History of complaints

Players often turn to reviews to check the honesty of a casino. And this is the right option. But the main thing is to find an independent resource that is not paid and does not advertise fraudulent sites. It is best to visit several different sites where people write their reviews about the casino.

Reviews must come from real people, not robots. You can also pay attention to the rating, which is fixed after analyzing all the parameters. If at least one resource is rated poorly, there is cause for concern. Another criterion is the history of the site. If he is young, there may be more flaws. But, it doesn't always happen that way. It is important to check if a gambling site has already been blacklisted and why it got there. Of course, you can tell for yourself whether the person in front of you is a scammer or not, but you can do it faster thanks to reviews.

Remove a casino from the blacklist

It also happens that a casino is removed from the blacklist. This happens in several cases. However, if the platform has already been blacklisted, it should be treated with caution. She may get off the blacklist because she corrected her mistakes, but she may still have flaws. For this reason, this casino should be treated with caution or avoided. In any case, if a casino has already been placed on a blacklist, it is because it has engaged in fraudulent activities. This means that the scammers had the sole purpose of making money. This should make you wary and think twice about it.

Tell us about the casino

If a player wants to achieve a positive result while playing, he must pay attention to all the details. A casino that is on a blacklist should be avoided. The reason is that this means that the casino has significant problems, because of which it cannot be of any use. In addition, the user may suffer harm in the form of a waste of personal funds.

The negative aspects can be very different. Most often, the negative points are in quantity, because scammers do not work on quality. They are determined only to win money, which is detrimental to gambling. It is better to spend more time, but to find a decent place to have a good time. Use all the methods to find a casino in order not only to enjoy the game, but also to benefit from bonuses and winnings.



What is a blacklist of sites?

A casino blacklist is a list of sites with obvious flaws. These platforms are suspicious or fraudulent. The analysis revealed a multitude of defects that make it unnecessary to use the platform.

Why should I avoid them?

They should be avoided, because these casinos have no use and no meaning. The game here will not be real, because it is run by scammers. If you start earning something, it is guaranteed that you will not be able to withdraw money from your account afterwards. There are a lot of nuances and disadvantages, because of which your wallet will suffer.

What if I am already registered?

If you have already registered on a casino site that is on a blacklist, it is better not to do anything more. It is better to delete the account or not to log in. The main thing is not to enter personal data, because security is also an issue.

Can I get my money back?

If the casino is illegal and created for fraudulent purposes, this is impossible. You can, of course, ask the relevant authorities for help, but it is almost impossible to get protection in such cases.

How to identify an unreliable site?

This can be noticed in several ways. For example, check if the casino is on a blacklist. You can analyze it yourself, paying attention to all the important details. Another method is to read the reviews of real people on independent resources. The main thing is to devote a little time to it and not use the first site that came.

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